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Jason’s background is in managing people, technologies and communications. Having left BlackBerry in 2012 , he discovered Bitcoin soon after and entered into the blockchain industry with a goal of empowering others through education. He has worked on several blockchain projects and initiatives in the past including serving in the role of vice chairman of the board for the Blockchain Association of Canada. Jason also advised World governments on cryptocurrency regulations and founded Crypto Consultant and Blockchain TV. With Helium, he uses his knowledge of crypto-economics to help develop out the structure of the network for long term success in both enterprise and consumer spaces.

Jason Cassidy

Founder & Lead Advisor



With 19+ years experience in industries such as IT, banking, venture capital and public/private sectors, Dan's focus is now on infrastructure program management and organisational change in the healthcare industry. His passion for Blockchain came in 2012 as he learned of real world use cases. With 6+ years in the Blockchain space, Dan was the business development manager at Dash until 2015, before moving on to Blockchain consulting for the private sector in UK. Dan co-founded Crown and is very excited about BIM and the possibilities for Helium to become an industry leader.

Daniel Ames


Steve comes from a background in commercial banking at TD Bank, one of the ``Big 5`` banks in Canada. Steve has been involved in the blockchain industry for many years and is avid Bitcoin and cryptocurrency evangelist. Outside of managing one of Canada first Bitcoin ATM's, he is passionate about education and is an active presence at many blockchain conferences. Steve travels the globe representing Helium at many prominent conferences as well as assisting with Enterprise partnerships, something he has been doing professionally for several years now.

Steve Wand


Chris's interest in blockchain technology began in early 2013. has worked on previous blockchain projects before including Emercoin, helping to bridge the gap between technology and communications. He has conducted professional interviews in the industry, written press releases, reviewed whitepapers, written guides, ran bounty programs, on-boarded new community members and a lot more. If you need something community based Chris is your point of contact.

Chris Lovell


Roland will be responsible for all operational duties for Helium in Africa and the UAE. Both regions represent tremendous growth potential for blockchain technology, from payments to supply chain. Roland is a public speaker on Bitcoin and blockchain technology in Africa and is a well known for his passion for life and professionalism. Roland will also be speaking for Helium globally when possible and working to grow Helium's influence in his regions.

Roland Alexander

Business Development

Core Contributors

Strategic Advisor
Technical Advisor

Special Thanks

Graham Higgins

for his code contributions and advice.